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Turbo Repairs & Rebuilts

Complete turbo rebuilts of all turbo types and models. During our rebuilts your faulty turbocharger will basically become... as new! Sandblasting and balancing machinery are available, for a professional and quality finish. All of our rebuilts come with a one year warranty. ​

Turbo Sales 

We offer a wide range of brand new genuine turbochargers of all main brands and models. Aftermarket solutions, of excellent quality, are also available to order. Brand new turbocharger cores are also available if your turbocharger is beyond repair or too costly to repair. 

Engine Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

A healthy turbocharger needs a healthy engine. Excess oil or water from the engine may cause unrepairable damage to your turbocharger. Smoky exhaust might be an indication of such a scenario, so do not ignore it! We are here to offer professional advice to avoid the worse.


Is your turbocharger under-performing? We provide detailed tuning and adjustment of all turbo types using professional equipment.



One of the most important steps of building a turbocharger is to keep all rotating parts properly balanced. This maximises life and efficiency.


With our advanced electronic actuator tester we can diagnose your faulty electronic actuator, and repair or reprogram it to factory settings.

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