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New GTX5533R Gen II turbocharger released by Garrett

A few years after the GTX5533R GEN I was given to the public, Garrett has now released the brand new GEN II variant. The improved model features advanced aerodynamics to offer greater horsepower margins that can reach up to 2500 HP. This state of the art machinery features a new fully-machined speed sensor port, improved ported shroud design for surge resistance and a light weight billet backplate which has removed four pounds from the Gen II model over the Gen I. The GTX5533R Gen II is available in five different compressor inducer sizes: 85mm, 88mm, 91mm 94mm and 98mm and V-band compressor outlet configuration. Furthermore, it features the patented high flowing 11-blade next generation compressor wheel for higher air compression and improved air mass flow rates.

The GTX5533R GEN II is not your everyday turbocharger mainly due to its premium price but has already made its way into the drag racing world. The added speed sensor port enables the racer to add a speed sensor in order to acquire critical and important data for optimizing their car. For more info on airflow and pressure distribution plots, flow charts etc make sure you visit Garrett's website. Once again, thumbs up to Garrett!

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