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Mazda patents engine with twin turbos and electric supercharger

Mazda has filed a U.S. patent showing a four-cylinder engine with two exhaust-driven turbochargers, the surprise here having included an electric supercharger to boot. This highly boosted engine could be a way for Mazda to provide V6 (or even V8) power with I4 fuel consumption.

Interestingly, the diagrams depict a rear-wheel-drive engine/transmission layout, but the only RWD car Mazda currently sells is the venerable MX-5. The former Miata is hardly the home of high-tech powertrains, so we wonder what Mazda could be cooking up.

Volvo uses a supercharged/turbocharged I4 engine as well, but that engine utilizes just one turbo. This Mazda engine can be tuned to around 400 horsepower despite displacing only 2.0 litres. On paper, a twin-charged setup uses the supercharger to create low-end torque and the turbochargers to create top-end power. Will it work? We can’t wait to find out.


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