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Dealers warned of sub-standard East European turbochargers

Dealers and garages are being warned not to fit cut-price remanufactured turbochargers to cars after a series of engine failures following the fitting of units imported from Eastern Europe.

The call comes from Turbo Technics, the specialist UK remanufacturer of turbochargers, who said there has been a rise in the number of reported failures from garages and motorists fitting imported replacements which have subsequently failed.

“We’ve been receiving an increasing number of calls from garages and vehicle owners who are experiencing problems after replacing or repairing turbochargers. A closer inspection of some of the units at fault has revealed an alarming trend in low quality Eastern European turbochargers that now seem to be available for anyone to buy,” said Steve Preest, general manager of Turbo Technics.

He said poor quality turbochargers were reducing performance, increasing emissions and causing engine failures. “A turbocharger is a complex piece of engineering and remanufactured units must, crucially, be produced to the very highest standards including being correctly balanced and calibrated. Unfortunately garages are largely buying on price and not on quality,”.


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